We have the ability to create, design and execute any style of production. We can research and edit the music, cast the performers, direct and choreograph the show, design and create the costumes, fulfill the show to performance level and over-look all details to its final execution.  Derek Daniels Productions always brings a unique vision and a distinctive style to every show, project or event.  Client satisfaction is our first priority.  We strive every day to be a top-rated entertainment production company.  With each new project, we also look at it as an opportunity to create a lasting relationship with our clients.




We can plan, write, direct and produce any type of show to suit your entertainment and production needs. 

Tell us what you want and we will create performance art to meet or exceed your expectations. 

All costumed designed shows were created by Derek Daniels.


 We can provide a show from our existing collection of proven hit packages that could be performed for any of your events.  We are able to customize any aspect of the package concept to fit your exact needs. 




We can direct and choreograph performers from a diverse range of dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom, swing, tap, and more to enhance any show or event.  We can also direct and coordinate other talent such as actors, models, magicians and specialty acts.  Our energy, artistry and creativity, will  amaze your guests, and provide a fresh, memorable experience.



We provide professional, experienced, attractive and only quality performers.  We have over 100 artists from our roster to choose from including dancers, singers, models, actors, greeters, emcees, DJs, musicians, celebrity or female impersonators, drag queens and theatrical stage performers.  We can provide talent for TV and commercials, film, fashion shows, store openings, conventions, trade shows, sporting events and any other venue that requires professional entertainment. 



We LOVE costumes, from feathers, sequins, ruffles to fringe and along with having a wide of variety of over 1000 costumes to choose from, we are able to design and create any style of costume to suit your specifications.  Enhance any event with an array of theme costume options, from lavish to creative, to fun and flirty.  All costumes are designed and created by our team with your show in mind.



We are experts in Polynesian cultural performances, specializing in the traditional Hula, Tahitian dance,

Fire-knife and the authenticity of costumes design and drumming.  Our passion and years of experience of Hawaiian culture resulted in the mastery of Hula and Polynesian dance styles. 

Let Derek Daniels Productions take on a journey while bringing the spirit of ALOHA to your event.




A natural born performer, entertainer

and showman.


Creative and passionate entreprenuer

who wears many hats.

Derek Daniels is a natural born performer, entertainer and showman.  His 40-year career provides the foundation on which he can bring any vision to life.


A creative and passionate entrepreneur who wears many hats. Mr. Daniels is an incredibly talented producer,  multi-faceted artist, (makeup, hair, etc.), an amazing costume designer and excels in many of the ancient and traditional Hawaiian dance styles.  He encompasses that kindness and the "Aloha" spirit in both his professional and personal life which manifests itself into an extremely uplifting professional attitude when dealing with his creative team and clients. 


Derek Daniels is a producer, director, choreographer, dancer, recording artist, costume designer, and former DJ, photographer and model.  He is the creative and artistic source and the backbone of the company.  Derek possesses a large variety of incredibly beautiful and extravagant costumes from Hawaiian, to Theatrical, Broadway and a variety of Las Vegas type showgirl costumes.  


Derek Daniels was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  At a very young age he was passionate in all things dance, theater, music, make-up and costumes.  His passion for Hawaiian culture resulted in his mastery of traditional hula and Polynesian dance styles.  Along with theater and drama, Derek ultimately incorporated ballet, jazz, modern and more into his dance repertoire.


At 16, Derek was performing on stage in Hawaiian and Polynesian shows, television spots, runway shows and musicals.  Even at this young age, Derek‘s path to international acclaim was under way.  Committing to his craft and starting a production company was the best way for Derek to bring his various talents and gifts to the world.   


Having worked with Grace Jones for 8 years, Hugh Jackman and many other international actors and entertainers, Derek also teaching hula throughout Japan and performance art to "at risk kids" in Paris, Derek is now fluent in French and Japanese.  He is an award-winning choreographer and has been interviewed and featured on numerous magazine covers.  Mr. Daniels has earned his reputation for being professional, easy going, kind of a perfectionist and always fun to work with.  His collaborative style and his communication skills will bring the best out of your ideas and the performers who will make your inspiration a reality. 



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